Why isn't AI scaling in banks?

And what to do about it

After speaking with over 30 banks and regulators, former CDO at Standard Chartered Bank, Shameek Kundu, shares what he's learned. 

Over the last few years, significant investments have been made in creating and deploying models. Yet, for most banks adoption remains slow.

And as regulators in North America and Europe become more explicit in their expectations of responsible AI, AI projects risk even greater stagnation.

What can be done about it? 

Banking and AI veteran and former CDO at Standard Chartered Bank, Shameek Kundu, shares the current state of AI in banking and ways to increase trust and adoption of AI. 

During the 45-minute webinar, he covers:

  • How deep and ‘real’ is AI adoption in banking?
  • What are the key barriers to adoption today?
  • Why is developing trust in AI so difficult?
  • What impact will new regulation have on the industry?
  • What can banks do to scale AI and make their investments count?




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Meet the Speaker


Shameek Kundu, Head of Financial Services and Chief Strategy Officer 

Shameek has spent his career in driving adoption of AI in the financial services industry.
Most recently, Shameek was Group Chief Data Officer at Standard Chartered Bank where he helped the bank explore and adopt AI in multiple areas (e.g., credit, financial crime compliance, customer analytics, surveillance), and shaped the bank’s internal approach to responsible AI.

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